Island of Pets Ahvenakuubik / Õhkkuivatatud närimismaius 200g

Bass cube chewy treat 200g

Feed material
The perfect boredom buster
Helps prevent the formation of tartar and gingivitis
Easily digestible and high in protein

Two snacks in one for your pet, which simultaneously offers both tooth brushing and pleasant entertainment!

  • Prevent tooth loss, gingivitis and bad breath
  • Especially useful for cleaning teeth after eating
  • Good for skin, coat and immunity
  • 1 ingredient, 100% natural
  • Sustainably caught fish


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Sea bass skin

Shares love to the heart. Low-calorie fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contains vitamin B6, vitamin B12, manganese, phosphorus and selenium, which are important for maintaining healthy brain function and the proper functioning of the body’s cells.

Sea bass skin

To whom



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Island of Pets Ahvenakuubik / Õhkkuivatatud närimismaius 200g

Bass cube chewy treat 200g

For dogs and cats whose teeth cannot handle stronger treats. Good for pastime and cleaning teeth.

Prevents tooth and gum problems (e.g. tartar formation and gingivitis).

Chewing a treat helps clean the teeth and gums. The vitamin D contained in the bass cube keeps bones, muscles and teeth. Vitamin A improves vision and keeps the skin moisturized and healthy.

Bass cube contains vitamin A, vitamin D2, vitamin E (α- and γ-tocopherol), omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

100% Air-dried sea bass skin.

Recommended daily amount up to 2 pcs.


You can offer your pet a chew treat at any time.
It is especially useful to give a treat after a meal, because then cleaning the teeth is particularly important.

Recommended daily amount up to 2 pcs.

PS! The treats are handmade from natural ingredients, so their appearance varies. The natural oil contained in the product may stain textiles. Do not leave a treat-eating pet unattended! Make sure that fresh drinking water is always available for your pet. Store treats in a sealed container at room temperature.

Crude protein


crude fat


raw ash

6.42 %



Vitamin A


Vitamin D2


Vitamin E (α- and γ-tocopherol)


omega-3 fatty acid


omega-6 fatty acid


100% Air-dried sea bass skin.


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Prevent your pet’s dental problems


Air-dried sea bass skin cubes are suitable for both small and large dogs and cats for effective teeth cleaning and pleasant pastime.

Chewing relieves itching of teeth and gums and stimulates brain activity. The vitamin D contained in fish helps the body absorb both calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for your pet’s teeth and bones to be healthy and strong. Vitamin D also contributes to the normal functioning of the animal’s immune system.

Bass skin is low in calories and easily digestible, so it is also suitable for a pet on a diet. It is safe for allergy sufferers and will appeal to everyone who enjoys fish!

Read more about teeth cleaning and treats here!

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