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Saaremaa, which is the largest island in Estonia, is located in the Baltic Sea, south of Hiiumaa, west of Muhu island, and belongs to the Western Estonian archipelago. Island of Pets is located in Nasva, a fishing village with a harbor protected from winds and storms at the mouth of the Nasva River.


By buying sustainably caught fish, you encourage retailers to stock and sell more of this type of raw material. In this way, sustainable fishing advances, and more and more fishing companies want to be certified in this direction.

Our vision is to ensure oceans bursting with life and teeming with seafood for both current and future generations.

Our mission is to use our Ecolabel and Fisheries Certification Program to help promote and maintain the health of the world’s oceans. We recognize sustainable fishing practices and encourage people to make informed choices when purchasing seafood. We work with our partners to make the seafood market sustainable.

Production takes place under the strict supervision of the Agriculture and Food Board and HACCP standards.


Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization that recognizes and rewards efforts to protect the oceans and seafood stocks for the future.

Estonian Energy, Green Energy
Saare Fishexport has joined the Green Energy package – in the period 01.01.2020-31.12.2024, 10,154 MWh of renewable energy has been purchased, thereby supporting the wider use of renewable energy sources.

GENUINE product of Saaremaa
The label confirms that the product has been made in the pure natural environment of Saare county, with the work and experience of local people.

Do you want to be a
distributor or are you
interested in wholesale?