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Minimally processed

We have innovative production: a slow air-drying process lasting over a week at below 30°C - this is how we preserve all the important vitamins and minerals in the raw materials. We do not use any additives to preserve the product and the manufacturing process is based on human quality standards.

Green energy

All production runs on solar energy. The modern food processing practice emerging from the fusion of tradition and innovation further develops the cultural heritage that has remained for centuries and creates sustainable consumption.


The word "holistic" means wholeness. The word root comes from the Greek word holos, which means "whole", "complete", "whole". Each selected ingredient offers value to the animal's health.

Saaremaa Genuine Product

The label confirms that the product has been made in the pure natural environment of Saare county, with the work and experience of local people.


See what people think about us.
Tuuli & Zoe Island of Pets

Zoe really likes Island on Pets treats. His favorite game is that we hide treats everywhere in the living room and then he has to find them, and it’s especially good to do it with these treats because they have a strong smell for the dog. And the plus is that it is Estonia’s own production.


We do obedience training with Dingo twice a week. The clear difference in enthusiasm is whether we do it using Island of Pets fish snacks or something else. Unrivaled favorite – huskies are big fans of fish. I, on the other hand, am happy to be able to help an Estonian company get started.

Marko Russiver and Dingo

Have you ever wondered what treat would make your fur ball do all the tricks? I thought and found a solution too! Genuine and original Saaremaa fish delicacy Island of Pets is exactly the right choice. It contains everything natural and healthy. Tikker has loved this treat from day one and gladly supported the locals. Dogs woof and cats meow and everyone is happy! Try it too! 100% worth your purchase!

Katrin Usin and Tikker


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