Island of Pets

where wisdom meets technology,
where good old Saaremaa meets innovation.
caught at sea
local production
minimally processed
green energy
100% pure
Saaremaa genuine product

Our story

One of the most historic activities to bring food to the table is fishing. Our ancestors got a lot of good from the sea. Today, we enhance this good old tradition with technology and innovation to offer our best friends the same best possible quality.

Local production

Fish delicacies are prepared under our own eyes at Saare Fishexport, located in the village of Nasva in Saaremaa. We are with the process from catching the fish to delivering the sweets to all the friends.

◄ Trawler Herry – Main supplier of commodities.

⇧ Trawler Herry– Main supplier of commodities.


Island of Pets products are made from organic and functional raw materials according to the quality of human food. Less is often more when it comes to healthy and nutritious dog food. By focusing on a carefully curated selection of ingredients, we can be sure that each component serves a specific purpose and contributes to the overall well-being of our furry friends. Our team of experts selects only the highest quality ingredients, each of which we use with the goal of providing essential nutrients to support optimal health.


During production, we use an air-drying method lasting over a week below 30°C, thus preserving all important nutrients, oils, vitamins and minerals in the food. Fish dried in this way is also suitable for quadrupeds with sensitive digestion.

Green energy

In 2019, we installed more than 500 kW of solar panels on our production buildings, which helps us to be friendlier to our environment
against and reduce the carbon footprint. Working with green energy brings us one step closer to being the world’s most ecological pet food manufacturer. As they say – dream big!

100% pure

100% pure and functional food that does not contain preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, bulking agents, etc.


kuulub Saare Fishexport OÜ gruppi. Saare Fishexport on juba ligi 20 aastat tegelenud kilu ja räime püügi, töötlemise ning eksportimisega Ameerika Ühendriikidesse, Hollandisse, Soome, Suurbritanniasse, Taani ja paljudesse teistesse riikidesse.